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KnowledgeHubs is the APWF’s network of regional water knowledge hubs. KnowledgeHubs was launched on 26 June 2008 at PUB Singapore's WaterHub (see program and the photo-report) during Singapore International Water Week. Each hub is a center of excellence committed to improving water security in the Asia-Pacific region by promoting knowledge sharing and championing feasible solutions for its priority water topic. Together, the hubs collaborate to generate and share knowledge and develop capacity in more than a dozen water knowledge domains.

APWF Knowledge Hubs Steering Committee

Vadim Sokolov
Deputy Director
Scientific-Information Center of the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination in Central Asia (SIC-ICWC)
Regional Water Knowledge Hub for IWRM in Central Asia
Peter Oliver
Senior Lecturer, Education and Training
International Water Centre (IWC), Australia
Regional Water Knowledge Hub for Healthy Rivers and Aquatic Ecosystems
Herath Manthrithilake
Head, Sri Lanka Development Initiative
International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Sri Lanka
Regional Water Knowledge Hub for Irrigation Service Reform

KnowledgeHubs Supporting Organizations

The social, economic, and environmental future of the Asia Pacific region largely hinges on how well water is managed in coming years. Economic development, rural-to-urban migration, greater industrial demand for and pollution of water, and other drivers of change have increased competition for clean water in the region. Meanwhile, however, climate change has made rainfall harder to predict, and floods and droughts are on the increase. The region is in urgent need of updated solutions—and more water professionals to implement them.

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