Center for River Basin Organizations and Management
Regional Water Knowledge Hub for River Basin Organizations and Management

CRBOM’s Expertise

CRBOM is a newly created alliance of agencies of the Government of Indonesia, composed of the Ministry of Public Works' Directorate General of Water Resources, the Ministry's Research and Development Agency, and two corporate-type river basin organizations—Jasa Tirta Public Corporations I and II. These entities have decades of experience establishing and operating public-utility-type and corporate-type river basin organizations; planning and developing water resource use and conservation; managing technical, fi nancial, and management issues associated with river basin organizations and management; operating and maintaining water resource infrastructure; managing watersheds and river environments; and conducting research and development in hydrology, hydraulic structures and geotechnical engineering, river engineering, and sediment management. CRBOM's activities will be implemented through the Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO) in collaboration with NARBO secretariat partners—Japan Water Agency (JWA), Asian Development Bank (ADB), and ADB Institute. CRBOM will be assisted by JWA through the Dissemination Unit for Water Resources Management and Technology, a JWA and Japan International Cooperation Agency project to improve water resources management in Indonesia, and by ADB through a regional technical assistance project entitled, "Managing Water in Asia's River Basins: Charting Progress and Facilitating Investment." CRBOM welcomes further partnerships through NARBO to complement these collaboration initiatives.

CRBOM’s Services

CRBOM aims to provide local, regional, and national-level government agencies; river basin organizations; water service providers; and others with the most reliable, eff ective, and practical information; analysis; advice; and capacity-development services in the fi eld of river basin organizations and management. More specifi cally, the regional water knowledge hub will:

  • Assist clients in establishing river basin organizations and river basin management systems that integrate up-todate quality management systems
  • Identify best practices in river basin organizations and management, and disseminate those practices throughout the region
  • Conduct applied research and development on river environments, hydrology, hydraulic structures and geotechnical engineering, river engineering, sediment management (sabo technology), coastal areas and swamps, and irrigation
  • Prepare norms, standards, procedures, guidelines, and manuals for optimal river basin organization and management
  • Train personnel from universities and other institutions in river basin organization and management, and create educational materials for wider distribution
  • Instruct water sector personnel in the use of ISO 9001 standards for the design, operation, and maintenance of water resources and infrastructure
  • Educate clients in dam safety and the use of remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) in water resources management
  • Advise clients on the provision of permits for the preparation, allocation, use, and exploitation of water resources in river basins
  • Act as an information clearinghouse by conducting seminars and workshops, publishing a journal on river basin organizations and management, and facilitating the face-to-face and electronic exchange of river basinrelated information
  • Provide consulting services to river basin organizations in the areas of technology, policies, and management

CRBOM’s Knowledge Partners

CRBOM's knowledge partners will include local, national, regional, and international research institutions; water knowledge institutions; and networks dedicated to contributing information and sharing best practices and lessons learned to develop knowledge and capacity in river basin organizations and management. Institutions expected to join the network of partners of the regional water knowledge hub on river basin organizations and management are:

  • Indonesian Water Partnership (INA-WP), Indonesia
  • Collaborative Knowledge Network Indonesia (CKNet-INA), Indonesia
  • Indonesian Association of Hydraulic Engineer (HATHI), Indonesia
  • Infrastructure Development Institute (IDI), Japan
  • Capacity Building Network for Integrated Water Resources Management (Cap-Net)
  • Global Water Partnership
  • World Bank Institute
  • ADB Institute (ADBI)
  • International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO)
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Malaysia
  • JWA, Japan

All local, national, regional, and international agencies and institutions interested in river basin organizations and management are invited to join.


Hermono Budinetro
Deputy Director for Data and Information, CRBOM

Deputy Director for Program and Evaluation, CRBOM

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