Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Regional Water Knowledge Hub for Groundwater Management

IGES Expertise

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) was established in 1998 to conduct pragmatic and innovative strategic policy research to support sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region. IGES aims to influence the policy-making processes of international organizations as well as national and local governments, and the activities of businesses, NGOs and local citizens. IGES, through its Freshwater (FW) Project, has conducted research on groundwater management since 2004 to develop innovative and practical methods to monitor and improve groundwater quality in urban areas IGES is building expertise for groundwater management in rural areas in collaborating with partners.

IGES Services

IGES research is problem-driven, solution-oriented, multi-dimensional and inter-disciplinary. As the regional water knowledge hub for groundwater management, IGES assists national and local government organizations through research, capacity building and knowledge networking, by:

  • Reviewing and sharing of up-to-date information on groundwater and its management in the region
  • Conducting comparative studies of groundwater policies and management options in the region
  • Assisting clients to prepare, reform or restructure regulatory, legal and institutional framework to improve groundwater management in the region
  • Conducting capacity building programs primarily targeted at national and local governmental officials working on groundwater management
  • Sharing information and knowledge through international workshops/conferences/meetings targeted at professionals/individuals and institutions working on groundwater management
  • Raising political and public awareness on importance of groundwater resources among relevant stakeholders

IGES Knowledge Partners

IGES works closely with more than 48 partner organizations from various national and international organizations, and research and academic institutions to share knowledge, develop capacity, and coordinate services. Interested local, national, regional and international organizations are invited to join the network of clients and partners for groundwater management. Initial knowledge partner organizations include:

  • UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands
  • International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Sri Lanka
  • International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM), Australia
  • National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)
  • Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO)
  • Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)
  • Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand
  • University of Tokyo (UT), Japan
  • University of Yamanashi (UY), Japan


Yatsuka Kataoka
Manager, Freshwater Project
Senior Policy Researcher, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
2108-11 Kamiyamaguchi, Hayama, Kanagawa 240-0115, Japan

Telephone: +81-(0)46-855-3855
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