Japan Sanitation Consortium
Regional Water Knowledge Hub for Sanitation

JSCís Expertise

The Japan Sanitation Consortium (JSC) was established in 2009 as the Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF)’s KnowledgeHub for sanitation in the Asia-Pacific region. JSC is a unique organization that brings together Japan’s know-how and years of accumulated knowledge and experiences in wastewater, sludge and night soil management. JSC gathers through its five member organizations – the main agencies in charge of wastewater, sludge and night soil management in Japan – a comprehensive expertise in areas such as technology, management (operation and maintenance), human resource development, institutional and policy strengthening.

To increase access to sanitation and promote sustainable sanitation improvement, JSC’s expertise covers a wide range of sanitation systems in the following fields:

  • Basic sanitation (toilets)
  • On-site sanitation (decentralized wastewater treatment systems such as the Packaged Aerated
    Wastewater Treatment Plant (PAWTP) or johkasou, night soil/sludge collection and treatment systems)
  • Off-site sanitation (various scales and types of sewerage systems)
  • Sludge recycling, wastewater reuse and energy recovery.

JSC Sanitation KnowledgeHub’s Services

As the KnowledgeHub for sanitation, JSC’s main goal is to exchange information and knowledge to support the countries of the Asia-Pacific region with low access to sanitation and/or facing sanitation issues. JSC aims to connect these countries to sustainable solutions and help them increasing access to sanitation as well as acquiring the appropriate capacity to develop, diffuse and properly manage sanitation facilities for the improvement of public health and the reduction of water pollution.

Among its activities, JSC conducts comprehensive sanitation assessments and offers strategies for long-term improvement. Although not selling technology, JSC provides technical expertise and fair advice for technology selection to ensure the implementation of systems best suited to conditions and needs at local or national levels. In addition, JSC advocates for policy development and investment in sanitation.

More specifically, JSC’s services and activities are as follows:

  • Networking: establishing and operating an information network in sanitation with related organizations in each country of the Asia-Pacific region, in collaboration with international donor organizations;
  • Information gathering: creating a sanitation database for the Asia-Pacific region, and conducting assessments and research for sanitation improvement with a team including members from government, industry and academia;
  • Knowledge dissemination and information sharing: organizing international seminars and conferences to share knowledge, information and experiences in the sanitation field;
  • Support to international donor organizations (ADB, JICA, UNICEF, WORLD BANK, UN-HABITAT, etc.): conducting training to develop human resources and field assessments; providing expert advice for the selection of appropriate technologies, and assistance to projects and operations developed by international donor organizations;
  • Collaboration with international donor organizations as well as other partner organizations – including UNICEF and WTO – and the Japanese Government.

JSCís Sanitation Knowledge Partners

JSC consists of the following professional organizations for on-site and off-site wastewater/sludge management in Japan:

On-site sanitation:

  • Japan Environmental Sanitation Center (JESC): management of night soil/sludge collection and treatment
  • Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation (JECES): johkasou system management

Off-site sanitation:

  • Sewerage Business Management Centre (SBMC): sewage works engineering training
  • Japan Sewage Works Association (JSWA): sewage works research and collaboration with local governments
  • Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS): staff training; research and technology development; planning, design and construction of wastewater treatment plants

JSC also closely collaborates with various national and international organizations for sanitation improvement in the region. JSC’s current partner organizations are:

To increase the exchange of information and the diffusion of knowledge and good sanitation practices, JSC is seeking for new partners. We welcome private/public organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and other interested parties in the Asia-Pacific region to join our Sanitation KnowledgeHub’s network.


Takehiko Kawai
JSC Chief of Secretariat

Main Office: Intelligent Bldg., Yushima Iyasaka 5F, Yushima 3-26-9, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034, Japan

Sub-office: Yotsuyakami-cho 10-6, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-city 210-0828, Japan

Tel: +81-(0)3-6803-2671
Fax: +81-(0)3-6803-2535

Email: info@jsanic.org
Website: http://www.jsanic.org




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