Korea Water Resources Corporation
Regional Water Knowledge Hub for Water Quality Management in River Basins

K-water’s Expertise

K-water has more than 40 years' experience managing water resources and regional water supply systems. ISO9001/14001-certified and a member of the United Nations Global Compact, K-water is committed to environmental responsibility and transparent and ethical governance as means of optimizing its long-term performance and finding new ways to maximize water resource utilization through effi cient management and the development of core technologies. As K-water's research and development arm, the Korea Institute of Water and Environment (KIWE) is the Republic of Korea's leading water specialized research institute. From developing state-of-the-art water management techniques to inventing new processes of water treatment and desalination, KIWE is dedicated to the development of clean and safe water supply systems in Korea and abroad.

K-water's Services

A government-owned corporation, K-water develops and manages a host of facilities and programs designed to provide the best water supply and water quality available:

  • Water resource facilities: K-water operates 12 multipurpose dams, an estuary barrage, and other facilities that satisfy national requirements for flood control, water supply, and hydropower generation. For each river system involved, K-water has implemented an integrated water management system that ensures water quality and the protection of ecosystems. Multiregional water supply systems: To remedy regional water shortages and address emergency situations, K-water's multiregional water supply system uses strategically designed water treatment facilities and large-scale pipelines to share drinking water equitably and efficiently throughout a given region.
  • Training programs: The K-water Academy conducts both domestic training programs for K-water staff and government officials, as well as international trainings and technical cooperation and exchange programs for water sector professionals and government officials from Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, and other developing countries.
  • Overseas projects: K-water has served Cambodia, Equatorial Guinea, Iraq, Mongolia, Viet Nam, and other overseas clients in the areas of wastewater rehabilitation, hydropower development, new water supply systems for housing developments, water resource infrastructure expansion, procurement services, and more. K-Water has recently undertaken a collaborative project with Indonesia and Network of Asian River Basin Organization (NARBO) to improve water quality in the Citarum river basin.
  • Water quality expertise: K-water's Water Analysis and Research Center is an internationally accredited water quality analysis institution and Korea's first center for the testing of viruses in drinking water. It promotes international technical cooperation and knowledge exchanges with partner institutions abroad.

K-water’s Knowledge Partners

K-water facilitates regional networking with partners throughout the Asia-Pacific region to share knowledge, develop capacity, and coordinate services. K-water is a proud member of the Asian Development Bank-Global Water Partnership (ADB-GWP)'s Water Operators Partnership program. Public and private sector organizations interested in joining the regional water knowledge hub on water quality management in river basins are invited to join K-water's network of international and local partners, including the following key knowledge institutions:

  • Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD)
  • Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, Ministry of Water Resources People's Republic of China
  • Japan Water Agency (JWA), Japan
  • United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)
  • UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education
  • Universities in the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere
  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
  • Perum Jasa Tirta (PJT) I and II, Indonesia


Dr. Ick Hwan Ko
Director-General, Water Resources and Environmental Research Center
Telephone: +82 42 870 7400
Email: ihko@kwater.or.kr

Dr. Jeongkon Kim
Director, Environment Team
Telephone: +82 42 870 7470
Email: jkkim@kwater.or.kr

Korea Institute of Water and Environment, K-water
462-1, Jeonmin-Dong, Yusung-Gu, Daejeon, the Republic of Korea 305-730

Fax: +82 42 870 7419
Website: http://www.kwater.or.kr




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