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A Focus on Client Needs

Integrating gender issues into water use planning in Central Asia

Through KnowledgeHubs, decades of experience with the most urgent water sector issues in the Asia Pacifi c region are being channeled into an open network of centers of excellence, each of which has taken region-wide responsibility for knowledge networking on a priority water topic. The hubs work together to coordinate services to clients and to leverage their respective experiences and the experiences of local, national, and international clients and partners. In doing so, hubs connect their clients to the best information, analysis, and people for their needs.

Wouter T. Lincklaen Arriens
Experts meet at PUB WaterHub in Singapore

Collaboration and Networking

One of the hubs' operating principles is an inclusive attitude to networking and collaboration. Hubs meet regularly to discuss and add value to each other's work, generating ideas and solutions from their networks of clients and partners. In this way, clients who contact a regional water knowledge hub are plugging into a world of knowledge and solutions sure to expand the range of solutions from which they can choose.

A Commitment to Excellence

Delivering top-quality client services is KnowledgeHubs' first priority. Whether publishing comparative analyses for the region, developing toolkits, training water sector personnel, providing policy advice, or helping institutions benchmark performance, hubs continually aim to reinforce their reputation for excellence by off ering their clients relevant and practical solutions.