PUB WaterHub
Regional Water Knowledge Hub for Urban Water Management

PUB WaterHub’s Expertise

PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, is in charge of planning, managing, and safeguarding Singapore’s water resources. From sourcing, collecting, purifying, and supplying drinking water to treating used water and turning it into NEWater, PUB manages the entire water loop with the aim of ensuring an effi cient, adequate, and sustainable water supply for the country. To accomplish this, PUB has adopted a proactive partnership approach, collaborating with the 3P sectors (public, private, and people) on a range of programs, events, and activities. Today, PUB has extended its reach to the global community, working with international partners, aid agencies, and international organizations to share expertise, create awareness, and pursue water sector business opportunities through collaborative research and development and capacity-building programs.

PUB WaterHub, launched in 2004, is a center of excellence committed to building a professional and competent workforce for both PUB and the water industry at large. Bringing technology, learning, and networking all under one roof, WaterHub signifi es PUB’s continual commitment to Singapore’s development as a hub for water-related services and technologies. Through WaterHub, PUB aims to equip water sector personnel with the knowledge, expertise, and skills required to engage the new frontiers of a rapidly evolving water industry.

PUB WaterHub’s Services

As the regional water knowledge hub for urban water management, PUB WaterHub assists government agencies, nongovernment organizations, regional organizations, and others by:

  • Catalyzing growth and expanding the technology spectrum of the Asia-Pacific region's water sector by collaborating on research and development, participating in technology information exchanges and acting as a regional test bed
  • Enhancing the professionalism of the water sector workforce through specialist initiatives, capacity-building programs in integrated water resources management (IWRM), and other training and leadership projects
  • Connecting partners to best practices, the most up-todate water sector information and analyses, state-of the-art water expertise, and a standard of excellence for products and services
  • Sharing up-to-date information and analyses of urban water management trends in countries across the Asia-Pacific region
  • Granting access to PUB WaterHub's knowledge database so that partners may assess and compare urban water management strategies worldwide
  • Organizing an annual Regional Water Leaders Summit, Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), dialogues, and joint seminars
  • Leveraging on PUB WaterHub’s vast network of local and international organizations, development partners, government agencies, nongovernment organizations, research institutes, and academic institutions
  • Offering a comprehensive range of structured and customized water and used water resources management training programs, accredited operators’ training courses, and professional competency and leadership development programs
  • Building networks that include international organizations, aid agencies, and municipal water agencies throughout the region

PUB WaterHub’s Knowledge Partners

PUB WaterHub facilitates regional networking with a range of institutions. Together they develop capacity-building programs and training tie-ups; share information, knowledge, and expertise; off er water-related services; and collaborate on technology development and exchange. Interested parties from the private and the public sector are invited to join PUB WaterHub's network of local and international partners from the following types of organizations:

  • International development partners
  • Government agencies at the national, regional, and local levels
  • Nongovernment organizations
  • Overseas municipalities
  • Local agencies
  • Research institutes, corporate research and development centers, and academic institutions throughout the Asia-Pacific region


Ms. Khoo Bee Ching
Regional Water Knowledge Hub Manager
PUB WaterHub
80 Toh Guan Road East, Singapore 608575

Telephone: +65 688 52 531
Fax: +65 688 52 526





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