TERIís Expertise
Regional Water Knowledge Hub for Urban Water Management

TERIís Expertise

TERI, headquartered in New Delhi, India, is an autonomous, not-for-profi t international think tank, actively engaged in multidisciplinary research on natural resource management and conservation for more than three decades. TERI has emerged as an internationally renowned institution in climate change research and works globally with various countries and multilateral organizations as a policy think tank and solution provider. TERI has an extensive global outreach, with affi liate institutes in North America and Europe and active presence in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, Central Asia and Middle East, South Asia, Japan and Africa. TERIís work on water and climate change has been pioneering and addresses issues related to fl oods and droughts, water pollution, rivers and wetlands, coastal areas, water in systems, water ecosystem services, economic instruments for water management, water-agriculture-energy nexus, institutions, governance and policies, management and conservation, water supply augmentation, water productivity and water use effi ciency, water supply and sanitation and other cross-cutting issues.

TERIís Services

As the knowledge hub for water and climate change adaptation, TERI promotes a shared water vision that enables a dynamic multi-disciplinary learning environment in South Asia which fosters exchange of knowledge across borders for the improvement of human well-being. The knowledge hub enables knowledge creation and dissemination amongst government agencies, non-governmental organizations, regional organizations, grass root level organizations, civil society organizations, corporations and media through various operational strategies. More specifi cally, the hub:

  • Strengthens network partnerships with government/nongovernment, multilateral and international organizations for collective action towards ensuring water security in the region
  • Develops targeted adaptation programs and service package for disaster prone vulnerable regions drawing on international best practices
  • Facilitates international collaborative research on impacts of climate change on Himalayan glaciers and transboundary rivers
  • Scales up data repository on traditional knowledge for fostering adaptive capacity and climate change resilience in the region
  • Develops and scale up knowledge base on water and climate change modeling by integrating micro climate, hydro/hydro-geological and socio-economic models for generating localized scenario
  • Strengthens scientifi c knowledge, promote technology transfer and formulate capacity building programs catering to clientele needs
  • Promotes adaptive management and inclusive governance through integrated water resource management (IWRM)
  • Promotes technological advancements in water quality assessments and conducts water audits for ensuring water use efficiency
  • Facilitates research on climate change- water-energy nexus
  • Strengthens academic curricula in South Asia through targeted courses promoted through TERI University and facilitate scholar exchange programs in the region
  • Employs information, communication technologies (ICTs) for water and climate change research and adaptation in South Asia
  • Organizes annual international water conferences, seminars and roundtables

TERIís Knowledge Partners

TERI facilitates regional networking with partners throughout the Asia-Pacifi c region to share knowledge, develop capacity, coordinate services, and collaborate on technology development and exchange. TERI invites interested parties from the following organizations to join the regional water knowledge hub network of national and international partners

  • International organizations and multilateral development partners
  • Government agencies
  • Non governmental organizations
  • Research and academic institutes
  • Civil society organizations
  • Corporates
  • Media partners


Mr Ashok Jaitly, IAS (Retd.)
Distinguished Fellow and Director, Water Resources Division

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
IHC Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003

Telephone: (91) (11) 24682100 or 41504900
Fax: (91) (11) 24682144 or 24682145

Email: ajaitly@teri.res.in

Website: www.teriin.org and http://www.waterknowledgehub.org




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