Introduction to the Groupwork

In 2011, the International Fieldtrip will be linked to the Water Management Groupwork, which will take place in August. The Andarax Basin, which we will visit during the first week of the fieldtrip, will be the case on which the WM Groupwork concentrates.  The preparation for the International Fieldtrip in Delft (May 23-27) and the fieldwork in the Andarax Basin (May 28-June 4) are to lead to a clear problem analysis. This detailed problem analysis forms the beginning of the Groupwork in August.

The idea of this assignment is that it mimics the development and implementation of a small research project. This means you do a literature review, identify research questions, develop a methodology to answer these questions, collect data in the field (in the Andarax basin), analyze the collected data and on the basis of that analysis answer the research questions.

The fieldtrip note can be downloaded here.


Following themes will be treated during the fieldtrip/groupwork. A detailed description can be found under the Theme articles.

Theme 1: Wastewater Management
Theme 2: Land Use Changes and Planning
               a) Historical degradation
               b) New Development
Theme 3: Water Supply in Almeria Metropolitan Area
Theme 4: Water for Irrigation


Expected presentations

During the Fieldwork module you will be asked to provide two presentations:

1)      Research questions and methodology – Friday, May 27 at 10:45

In this presentation you are to briefly present the main findings from a brief (3 days) literature review, web search, discussion with dr. Van Cauwenbergh, etc. on the Andarax basin, Spanish water sector, etc. Then, on the basis of this review/search you are to formulate a number of research questions that have to be answered for you to develop a thorough problem analysis of the part of the Andaraxbasin that you are focusing on. Thirdly, you have to indicate the methodology that you will use in order to answer these questions. In other words, what is the approach that you will use to answer these questions.

2)      Presentation of problem analyses – Saturday, June 5 at 12:00 in Almeria

In this presentation you are to present the results of your problem analysis. Essentially, you have to show, based on the collected data (both quantative and qualitative), what the problems are that exist in the basin and what the nature of these problems is (including causes, effects, etc.). For this final presentation we will invite local water experts from Almeria to attend the presentations and ask (critical) questions regarding the presentations. 

In order to collect data during the fieldwork you have to make the most of the visits to the various actors and stakeholders that we will visit during the week we spend in the Andarax basin. This means that you have to ask questions, ask for data, collect information, etc. that you can use in the problem analysis. Be proactive in collecting data.

Please note that this assignment will be marked!!! You will receive a pass/fail mark based on your presentations.


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